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07 developer tools for you to discover!

07 developer tools for you to discover!

By Nicodemus Ngufuli
Published in Tutorials
October 27, 2021
4 min read

Those who work with software and application development know that there are often obstacles, whether when developing or testing the application. However, what you may not know is that many tools have already been developed with these toughest times in mind. Thus, some developer tools were designed to help you create your code in a simplified way!

With that in mind, we’ve brought you a selection of tools ranging from user information generators to be used in testing, to applications to help you better manage your time and ensure your productivity. Anyway, such tools are very useful for developers!

So, check out what they are and, below, you will find more information about them:

1|CPF Generator

Have you ever needed to test applications that required customers or users to enter their personal data, such as the CPF, but there was not enough data to serve as a basis? That’s what the CPF Generator is for! This tool for developers generates numbers based on the CPF structure to be used for testing systems or placeholders, which are fictitious information to fill in forms or texts.

All you have to do is press the button and a brand-new social security number will be automatically generated! Then you have the option to copy it and use it however you like!

Remembering that the use of data like this is the sole responsibility of whoever uses them!

2|CNPJ Generator

Another very useful generator is the CNPJ, in case your system or application needs data referring to companies or the like. The CNPJ generator automatically generates 14 digits divided into three blocks: the first being the registration number, the second, which is located after the slash, represents a unique code and, finally, the check digits that are specially calculated from of the first 12 digits.

There is still another useful tool that helps to verify the validity of a CNPJ, that is, if its format is accepted and correct, Validar CNPJ. The use of these tools is exclusively to assist development processes, and the user is responsible for their correct use.

3|ID generator

The General Registry (RG) is another national document that is very necessary when filling out registrations and forms. Because of its uniqueness, it is difficult to test it without having a number that is generated exactly like the real ones. Therefore, the RG Generator helps you in this case!

It is important to take into account that the tool indicated validates the numbers generated from the way done in Organs responsible agencies of the State of São Paulo, as indicated in the image above.

Do not forget that the use of this tool is for testing purposes and that any misuse is the sole responsibility of the user.

4|CEP generator

How do I know if my system, application, or form is correctly accepting and indexing a place’s zip code? Widely used as a tool for developers, the CEP generator helps you to check if this information is being properly accepted by your code!

In the tool, you can select the State you want the zip code to belong to. Therefore, a real and valid zip code will be generated, as well as which address is equivalent to that zip code. This way, you will be able to see if your program gets correct information about the zip code entered!

5|Nickname Generator

For the game developers on duty, the Nickname Generator is a powerful tool! From information such as first name, last name and adjectives, it generates a unique name so you can test your game! There is also the option to generate a random nick if you don’t want it to be based on any real data.

Despite being a useful developer tool, it is so versatile that it can also be used by people who want to play a game, make a channel on Twitch or similar platforms, or even for tabletop RPGs! With this tool — imagination is the limit!

6|Credit Card Generator

If your application is an e-commerce, there is the possibility of generating valid credit card numbers to check if the payment methods are working correctly! The Credit Card generator allows you to choose a card brand and a country, followed by the options of the bank that issue that card. The platform also generates names of random people who supposedly use such a card, as well as registered address, PIN and verification code.

Another very common use for this tool is if you want to check the availability or value of a product, but the website in question only allows it with the registration of a credit card. Or it can also be used to test the reliability of an online sales website. Remember, the responsibility for this data rests with whoever uses it, so use it wisely!

7|Lorem Ipsum Generator

A “Lorem Ipsum” is a generic text that is used universally to indicate that a real text will be entered there. The text is in Latin and is based on a work by Cicero, but these days it’s just random words with no common meaning. Therefore, Lorem Ipsum is very useful for systems and applications that need the user to enter texts.

The Lorem Ipsum generator lets you choose how many paragraphs, words, bytes or lists you need to be generated with Lorem Ipsum text!

The advantages of using Lorem Ipsum are that it is an empty text, with no content, but it approximates the real way a text is organized on the screen. So, you can get a sense of whether your application responds well to text formatting, for example using Lorem Ipsum!


CPF Generator CNPJ GeneratorID GeneratorCEP GeneratorNick Name GeneratorCredit Card Generator
Nicodemus Ngufuli

Nicodemus Ngufuli

Software Engineer and content editor at UltimaxDev

I am a Full-Stack Software engineer, currently learning advaced java as a hobby



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