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08 Most Amazing Tools for developers

08 Most Amazing Tools for developers

By Nicodemus Ngufuli
Published in Tutorials
November 02, 2021
3 min read


The Docker is a software used as a tool for developers that aims to separate processes and fit them into “containers”, which facilitates the process of handling them because of the independence granted to them.

Docker Image
This tool still has an open-source community that works for it to be further improved to facilitate the tasks of people developers. From the open-source community, the company Docker Inc. makes the software more secure and offers support services.

Its use is more suitable for managing processes that are inside a single container. When the process extends to more containers and more parts, the use of Kubernetes is indicated.


MySql Image
For people who work with tables and databases using the SQL language, MySQL is indispensable! This tool helps developer people to manage non-relational databases. It is free and open-source software; however, it is governed by a GPL (General Public License) license. If software that is going to use it does not fit this license, a fee is applied.


The Slack came thinking revolutionize the way in which teams communicate in the workplace. In addition to having the basic functionality of being able to connect with coworkers easily and quickly, it also allows work to be done simultaneously and asynchronously, thanks to its organization in conversations and channels.

Slack Image
Despite being mostly used in business environments, Slack itself is a great tool if you only have a small team or a network of people who share information and help each other.

4.Stack Overflow

Ever needed an answer, didn’t find anything related in forums or on the internet? In that case, Stack Overflow would be very useful! It is a platform that brings together amateur developers, professionals and enthusiasts who are available to exchange information and answer questions.

Anyone can post a question and people on the platform will be able to answer it. The best answer to the question is voted and highlighted. Questions can be categorized by topic or programming languages using tags.

It is important to remember that the platform only accepts very specific questions about programming particularities. More general questions are discarded by a process done with the people who are members of the site.


The CodeShip is known to be a delivery system continuously very effective, fast and safe that integrates with GitHub has support for multiple programming languages and still uses a variety of implementation platforms (such as Heroku and Amazon Web Services). From this powerful tool for developers, it is possible to carry out development processes linked to DevOps, such as continuous integration and deploy.

Codeship Image
The application is paid, but if you don’t need more than 5 projects and 100 builds a month, there’s a free option that will surely make you happy!


The Unity is a tool for game developers that is an “engine” or “engine”. This feature allows you to not have to delve into a programming language to create your games, as it provides all the material needed to make that happen!

Unity Technologies Image logo
At Unity, you can develop games in both 2D and 3D for a variety of platforms and devices, using a range of graphic styles. The best part is that it’s open and 100% free.

In Game Script, Unity uses C# but has basic explanations on how to use it to develop your game.

7.Can I Use

Can I Use
“Can I Use” or “Can I use…” is a tool for front-end developers who use browsers in their applications, usually with HTML and CSS. The site provides tables and updated information about what can and cannot be used in each browser, that is, what each browser supports.

8.Git and GitHub

The Git is the most popular distributed version control. This means that developers use it to work on the same project and update it, without affecting the code’s functionality. In other words, the tool allows the same code to be developed by more people in different local repositories, but without interfering with each other.

Git and GitHub Images
This way, it is possible to know who did what, when and even reverse an action if necessary.

But the GitHub, another derivative tool Git is an online service that works as a remote repository. It contains all information carried out on the project by all collaborating people. Besides, it allows several integrations with other services, providing automatic application deployment.


dockergithubgitcan i usemysqlslackunity
Nicodemus Ngufuli

Nicodemus Ngufuli

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