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What You Need to Know to Start Studying Programming

What You Need to Know to Start Studying Programming

By Nicodemus Ngufuli
Published in Tutorials
October 29, 2021
2 min read

What do you need to know to start studying programming?

Every day we see a lot of people here at Apex who are interested in Learning to Program, and the question we get the most is: what do I need to know to start studying programming?

Well, the truth is that you don’t need to know anything to start learning to program, that’s right, you can learn from absolute zero…

BUT. (There is always a MAS, right?!) there are some knowledge that can help you to evolve faster in programming studies!

Computer Programming
And it is this knowledge that we are going to reveal to you in this article!

So, if you’re thinking about learning to program, it’s worth trying to develop this knowledge first

1. Logical reasoning

Having a good logical reasoning is the first step for you to define what you need to know to start Studying Programming. Because logical thinking will help you better understand programming functions.

If you want to become a good programmer then you need to have good logical thinking!

To improve your Logic Thinking, the main tip is: train a lot!

Buy Cocktail magazines that have Logic Challenges, take entrance exams and public exams, or search the internet and you will find several logical reasoning questions that will help you.

2. Know your computer

By becoming a programmer, you will become a systems developer and all your work will be performed on a computer/notebook. So, nothing better than getting to know computers to understand how they work!!!

Be curious, research the software on your computer. Learn how to install and uninstall these programs. Get familiar with your computer, after all, it will be your main work tool!

3. English

English is not essential for learning to program, but if you know English, learning Programming Logic and Programming will be much easier for you!

That’s because all programming terms are in English, so if you know what they mean it’s much easier to memorize and use them.

So, start watching free classes on the internet, take basic courses, and watch movies and series in English without subtitles, it will help to improve your knowledge in this language.

4. Networking

Since you want to start in the programming area, nothing better than being close to programmers to understand how this universe works, right?!

If you already have programmers’ friends, ask them to introduce you to other programmers… If you don’t know anyone in the area, the tip is to join programmers’ groups on Facebook or LinkedIn. In these groups are many professionals in the field and you can connect with them, ask questions and even ask for help with your studies!

5. Want to know more?

These are some simple tips that define what you need to know to start Studying Programming and will make all the difference in your studies and help you to learn Programming Logic more easily.

We hope that you will be able to put them into practice and that you will be able to learn the basics of programming more quickly and efficiently.

And if you still have difficulties learning to program yourself, count on Apex to help!

We have mentors who specialize in teaching beginners, and who are available to help you throughout the programming learning process.


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Nicodemus Ngufuli

Nicodemus Ngufuli

Software Engineer and content editor at UltimaxDev

I am a Full-Stack Software engineer, currently learning advaced java as a hobby



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